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Family Emergency stuff has come up. I'm not going to be active on deviantart much [or any of my social media websites].
All trades, comments, contests, judging and notes are on hold. I'll get back to you when I can. More info can be found in my journal.

Sorry for the inconvenience.


To Do List

:bulletred: shahima11 - Articuno; Fully Shaded
:bulletwhite: PB Red - Sketching by OceannistInitial Sketch Done
Hearts [B/Red] by RevPixy
:bulletred: :devCristinaGag: - Digital; Piplup; Fully Shaded; holding a donut box/flag
:bulletwhite: PB Red - Sketching by Oceannist Initial Sketch Done

:bulletred: sky665 - Digital; Custom -…
:bulletwhite: PB Red - Starting by Oceannist Initial Sketch in Process
Hearts [B/Red] by RevPixy
Interested? Look at my commissions for more information!


Shiny Pokemon Wanted List

I shall get them all eventually!

:bulletpurple: Espurr
:bulletpurple: Slurpuff
:bulletpurple: Zorua
:bulletpurple: Shuppet
:bulletpurple: All Starters!!
:bulletwhite: Charmander
:bulletwhite: Bulbasaur
:bulletwhite: Squirtle
:bulletwhite: Chikorita
:bulletwhite: Cyndaquill
:bulletwhite: Totodile
:bulletwhite: Dubkip
:bulletwhite: Treeko
:bulletwhite: Torchic
:bulletwhite: Chimchar
:bulletwhite: Piplip
:bulletwhite: Turtwig
:bulletwhite: Tepig
:bulletwhite: Oshawott
:bulletwhite: Fennekin
:bulletwhite: Froakie
:bulletwhite: Chespin


Fully Shaded Digital Pokemon Commission [Legendary Pokemon]
This is for a fully shaded digital pokemon that is Legendary. These take much more time for me to draw, and hence, are more expensive.

Entei Background Complete by xSammyKayx & Lugia by xSammyKayx

Please note, the prices charged with this widget is more expensive than displayed on my commissions list, as deviantart takes a percentage for themselves. For more info on my commissions, cheaper prices and more examples, please visit here:
Fully Shaded Digital Pokemon Commission [Basic Pokemon]
This commission is for one fully shaded pokemon, that is easy for me to draw. For example, Zorua Commish by xSammyKayx. Please note, the price is higher when using this commission box, as deviantart take a percentage away.

For more information on my commissions, more examples and the cheaper prices, please go here:



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  • dAhub
    Donated Sep 7, 2014, 5:46:10 AM


Artist | Student | Literature
Welcome to my page! Eep!
Quick facts I guess.
I'm twenty, live in Australia and go to university in the hopes of becoming a teacher.
Art is a hobby of mine, something I can just play around with. My digital art usually uses a Wacom pen + touch with photoshop elements 8. My traditional art is done with a normal mechanical pencil, and copics. I usually state which ones I have used in the deviation.

Err.. I still play pokemon [both video and card] on a regular basis, so there's a lot of that sort of art going around right now. Lemme know if you wanna be 3DS buddies!

I'm happily in a relationship of 6 years [and counting].

And if you are from Tickld, say hi! :D [I upload some of my stuff there!]


Sat Aug 23, 2014, 7:16 AM
TL; DR -I'm away from deviantart, facebook, reddit, and anywhere else for an unknown amount of time due to bad news about my dad. 

This is not pretty. It might be triggering. If you don't want to read this, stop now.

I said I'd update this when I felt up to it, so here's an update. This is only going to be posted on deviantart since it is my main social media website. 

This is a continuation about my dad and his battle with cancer. In chronological order, here are some other journals about it: herehereherehere

These last few weeks have been hard, but okay. I mean, dad's 'bad' days are really hard to watch but there have always been 'good days' thrown in. The last week though, has been full of 'bad' days. At first it was little things, and then on Thursday night, dad got a migraine. This continued all day Friday, and on Saturday, it was even worse. 

Mum called the family doctor for his advice, and he said take my dad to the hospital. My dad, however, hates hospitals. He is deathly scared of going into hospitals because he doesn't want to die there. Anyway. So mum called Palliative Care to get one of their nurses around. After hours of waiting, they got back to us, and dad eventually went to hospital. 

He was in the ER all night. The doctors and nurses there were useless. I spent the night looking after my brother, trying to not think about what was going on. Mum got home around 9ish [I think - time is a funny thing with me right now] and was showing off the green whistle dad was on for pain. Not five minutes later, the doctor called mum - she needed to go back. 

Protip: When a doctor personally calls you back into the hospital at 9pm, the news is never good. 

So she went back. Dad had a CT scan [or something similar] on his head to check for any abnormalities. 

Around 11pm, my Nana & Papa came to my place and broke the news to my brother and I. Dad's lung cancer had spread to his brain. The doctors give him between two days and two weeks to live. 

Since then, I've been to the hospital everyday. I've slept a lot, but not well. Everything has just shattered into a million pieces and I'm just floating around in a bubble. 

Another doctor said that we have more time with dad then proposed, but one clot, or slip up, and he will be gone. 

Right now they are trying to get rid of this migraine. It still hasn't gone. After that, they're taking about more Radiation, and treatment plans. We don't expect him to come home though. 

So yeah. Right now I'm floating. I don't know what day it is, or what's going on most the time. I'm trying to take things one hour at a time - but even that's a struggle. I have to go to uni tomorrow and I don't know how I'm going to do anything. Right now, all I want to do is go back to bed. I don't want to go back to the hospital, but I have to. Because if I don't, the guilt will kill me. 

I think I'm dribbling. Sorry if this doesn't make sense. When I'm around people - my mum, dad, brother, sister - I shut down. Because that's the only way to not break down. I need to be strong for all of them. But right now I'm awake - sorta. I'm not shut down. I'm a mess. And I want to get rid of all these words - because if they are said it must be true and happening. 

I think I'm going to sleep for a while. My other responsibilities can wait. 

Journal History



A massive thank you to CookieHolicNyu for their free to use background which I have used all over my page.
Hearts [B/Red] by RevPixy
SimplySilent created the tools to make both my directory and gallery directory. I just bought the password so I could install it :3



Thank you so much for the llama! Please don't feel offended if I don't reply to you - there are so many messages that I get about llamas, and saying 'thanks' is getting pretty boring. I'd love it if you could send me one in return [if you haven't already!]

Unfortunately, I don't have enough points to give to random people individually. Instead, I hold regular giveaways and contests! Please refrain from asking for points on my page. If you think your cause is really important - note me! I don't bite, and I'd love to know more!


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